The Curve is a healthy deviation from the straight and narrow.  Kat Leonard and Meghan Bradley explore lifestyle topics from an interactive and adventurous perspective, amplifying the voice of the curvy community and broadening the scope of mainstream media in an effort to build discussion, confidence, inclusion, friendship, community and opportunity.

The Curve is an innovative lifestyle television program, web series and movement promoting health and wellness with a focus on body confidence and self-esteem for everyone. The Curve is a platform to discuss, showcase and advocate for body acceptance while having fun. The Curve showcases and celebrates various concepts, resources and people who are actively contributing to a healthy and inclusive body culture. The Curve explores topics of self-esteem, fitness, nutrition, mental health, fashion, beauty, trends, culture and much more. The Curve is an entertaining and enlightening program building a community that, with humour, compassion and intelligence, illuminates resources that may inspire and motivate everyone toward good health, happiness and body confidence.

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