12 Daze of The Curve: Day 2! Working out!

The Curve did a special season of episodes dedicated to aspects of healthy living!
They are represented in these 12 daze!

Kat Leonard and Meghan BradleyРcan they be convinced to do some resistance training, or will they resist the training? Find that out and more in this episode of The Curve: A Healthy Deviation From the Straight and Narrow with the lads from SWAT!


SWAT: Synergy Wellness Attitude Training
Darcy Brown- General Manager/Trainer
Kyle Ardill- Cofounder/Trainer

www.SwatHealth.com @swathealth

Special thanks to our studio producer and muse Ry Howitt. xo

www.TheCurve.ca TW/IG: @curvetvca
#HealthyDeviation #UncensoredShenanigans #ThrowingCurves



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